Antop Antenna
Selection Guide
ANTOP Selection Guide
Antop Selection Guide
What is the best HDTV antenna for you? The right type of antenna at a specific location depends on a few variables, such as geographic location, signal strength of local TV networks, the height at which the antenna will be installed, as well as factors such as local terrain, nearby trees, and building and home construction in the area.
To select the correct HDTV antenna for your specific location we recommend that you perform an "address look up" search on our Signal Maps page.
Keep in mind that a clear path between the antenna and the TV stations would be preferable for the best reception.
Antop Signal Maps
Simply enter your complete address in the Location Box, press GO. You will receive signal mapping and antenna selection information for your exact location.
Signal Maps and Antenna Suggestions
Antop Signal Maps Page Instruction
Instruction: Enter your address and zip code in the Location box on the Antop Antenna Signal Maps page. Signal strength, available channels, stations location, etc. will be listed in search result.
How to read your results
1) Check signal strength of your location.
2) Check the search result section to find your map location.
3) To connect your antenna to more than one TV set
To assist you in your antenna selection and answer any related questions you may have our Customer Service department is available
Monday through Friday
from 9 am to 5 pm PST at 909-947-8883.
Or via e-mail,
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Antop Selection Guide

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