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  • Are you still paying monthly for cable or satellite service? No way! You’ll be amazed by the amount of Free programming options available over the air. Using an ANTOP Antenna gives you High Definition FREE TV service. Cut the cord, enjoy FREE TV with ANTOP.
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  • Before selecting a TV antenna, you’ll want to understand your basic needs.
    Are the local TV broadcast towers located in the same or different direction?
    How far away is your location from theTV broadcast towers?
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  • Use this program to check for the Digital TV signals that are available at your location.
    Signal strength calculations are based on the traditional TV reception model assuming an outdoor antenna 30 feet above ground level. Indoor reception may vary significantly.
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  • TV antennas work off TV towers broadcasting free channels in your area.
    There are no paid subscription fees to receive over-the-air (OTA) TV.
    Signal strength received is based on antenna model and surrounding terrain.
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  • OTA: “Over the Air” RF signals that broadcast in the air.
    Multi-directional antenna: picks up stations from 50° to 90°on a compass.
    Omni-directional antenna: pick up stations from 360° direction.
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