Antop News Reales
Antop News Reales
It’s 2020 and gone are the days of “rabbit ears” on your TV set. Enter the Antop TV Digital Antenna (AT-406BV), a powerful and reliable antenna that can find all the free TV channels broadcasting around your home.
Rudie Obias April 7, 2020
The Antop antenna is a powerful antenna for cord cutters with a reported range of up to 85 miles. It even comes with an adjustable booster that allows you to increase the power of the amplifier or turn it down depending on your needs.
cordcuttersnews December 08, 2019
The Antop 400 BV Flat Panel Antenna is VHF enhanced for enhanced hi-v signal reception. This compact antenna reduces wind load, providing much better signal reliability on windy or rainy day.
cordcuttersnews September 26, 2019
Looking for a new antenna? Today Antop announced a new digital over-the-air (OTA) antenna. This new antenna will use a Smart Boost System to provide better OTA reception for cord cutters.
cordcuttersnews December 29, 2018
The Antop 400 BV Flat Panel Antenna is VHF enhanced for enhanced hi-v signal reception. This compact antenna reduces wind load, providing much better signal reliability on windy or rainy day.
windowsreport November 28, 2019
The Antop Photo Frame Smartpass Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna looks like a regular old picture frame from afar, but it’s actually a powerful HDTV antenna that picks up crystal clear live TV and feeds it to your screen at up to 1080p. For free. Forever.
BGR March 07, 2017
If you want free OTA TV without having worry about the antenna being an eyesore, definitely check out the Antop AT-204BB Photo Frame Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna.
BGR March 30, 2018
The Antop AT-100B is a typical flat antenna with an amplifier that, in our tests, showed it can help capture otherwise marginal stations.
Tom's guide June 29, 2018
A bold antenna, best for outdoors. the Antop AT-800SBS comes with a variety of hardware and the necessary cables to accommodate most situations.
Tom's guide January 22, 2020
The Smart Bar HDTV & FM Amplified Antenna (model AT-500SBS) is an indoor antenna for your TV that receives and amplifies HD signals and features Antop’s Smart Boost System (SBS), which allows you adjust its reception power.
gadgeteer December 28, 2019
Re-Designed Yagi Antenna, Easy to Install, Delivers Free Local TV.
GlobeNewswire August 14, 2017
Antop Antenna and their sales partners are in an advantageous position to provide consumers with a wide range of cost-efficient indoor and outdoor antenna options to cut the cord and enjoy free over-the-air broadcast TV.
GlobeNewswire December 06, 2017
Big Boy” HDTV Outdoor Antenna; Style, Innovation, and Crystal-clear HDTV Reception.
GlobeNewswire December 28, 2017
Cut the cord from high-priced pay TV, enjoy free over-the-air local broadcast TV with an Antop’s AT-402BV outdoor antenna.
GlobeNewswire June 11, 2018
Style, Innovation, and Crystal-clear HDTV Reception From Antop Antenna.
GlobeNewswire March 01, 2018
Antop, a global leader in antenna technology, has designed the new Smart Boost System to provide cord cutters the freedom of enjoying free TV via an HDTV antenna. We had a chance to get a look at the innovative new system at CES.
newswatchtv 2019
Cord cutting continues to gain popularity, but some of us still resist the movement for fear that we'll lose access to key programming.
pcworld January 02, 2019
The Antop Paper Thin 30-Mile AT-105 Indoor HDTV Antenna lies flat against the wall and brings you 4K content from some of the nation's favorite networks.
popsci April 18, 2019
Why spend hundreds of dollars every year when you don't have to?
popularmechanics April 23, 2019
Antop HDTV & FM Amplified Antenna Outdoor Indoor 85 Miles AT-800SBS Antenna with Dual Outputs Smart Boost System, Support TV and Second Device-FM Stereo, a Second TV or Any OTA-Ready Streaming Device.
positivelyscottish August 05, 2020
TV Antenna, Antop Outdoor / Indoor Digital Smartpass Amplifier HDTV Antenna 80 Miles Multi-Directional VHF/UHF High Gain Reception with Tools-Free Installation and 40ft High Performance Coaxial Cable.
positivelyscottish July 06, 2020
Ditch cable without missing out on your favorite TV shows, sports or live events.
rollingstone April 07, 2020
The Antop Paper Thin 30-Mile Indoor HDTV Antenna captures unlimited channels from anywhere in your home.
salon April 07, 2019
Antop is a big player in the TV antenna segment. They provide both indoor and outdoor TV antennas. This antenna looks stylish, compact and can be mounted on the balcony as well if required.
techworm March 25, 2020
Antop HDTV Antenna Paper Thin AT-133B——The indoor TV antenna by Antop is one of the slimmest and lightest antennas available for TVs.
techworm March 03, 2020
There are several similar TV antennas on the market, including models from Mohu (the Leaf Metro), AmazonBasics (the Ultra Thin Antenna) and Antennas Direct (the ClearStream Flex). Most offer comparable performance, and a few even offer better prices.
BGR June 13, 2018
To test the Antop Paper Thin Smartpass Amplified AT-125B Indoor HDTV antenna and the Flat Panel Smartpass Amplified AT-400BV Outdoor/Indoor HDTV antenna.
the-gadgeteer September 04, 2017
The Antop Paper Thin AT-140 is a tiny, portable indoor TV antenna that's inexpensive and powerful enough to keep travelers entertained with the occasional broadcast.
Tom's guide April 24, 2018
The RCA ANT3ME is an indoor TV antenna that boasts amplification, helpful features and decent performance.
Tom's guide April 13, 2020
The Antop HD Smart Antenna SBS-301 is a reasonably sensitive, indoor TV antenna for TV and FM reception
Tom's guide January 23, 2020
There are prettier models and a couple of more performance-oriented options available, but the Antop AT-402B flat panel strikes the right balance between channel receptivity and price.
Tom's guide May 03, 2019
Another in a long line of small, flat indoor antennas, the Antop AT-108 is one of the lesser performers in the under-$20 crowd.
Tom's guide November 13, 2018
Antop Gives Cord Cutters A Smart Boost; New Multi-Device Antenna Features Adjustable Amplifying System
twice March 05, 2019
Our current line-up of more than 60 different outdoor and indoor digital HDTV antennas illustrates why we’ve been a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of TV antennas for more than 36 years
twice January 05, 2018
To better match customer needs, Antop antennas now on shelf at Fry’s include indoor and outdoor models. All models support HD, 1080P, and 4K ULTRA HD TVs and are converter box compatible.
twice October 27, 2017
The Antop engineers are at it again. They’ve taken the traditional, unsightly Yagi mechanical type antenna through a complete re-design to make all its components fit inside a tough all-weather unit about the size of a bread box.
twice September 15, 2016

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