Technology & Innovation

Smart Pass Amplifier

An exclusive technology offered by ANTOP, the inline Smart Pass Amplifier’s all-in-one design, allows you an easier connection and more possibilities in different receiving ranges. You don’t have to hesitate any more on deciding between a short range and long range antenna! ANTOP’s Smart Pass Amplifier delivers the correct range for you.
♦Works with any non-amplified/passive TV antenna.
♦Designed with High Gain qualities to amplify VHF and UHF signals with a low noise level.
♦Dual-color indicator for long and short reception.
♦The Smart Switch is recommended to be switched ON to boost weaker signal level reception,
and switched OFF to avoid amplification overload for stronger signal reception.
Technology & Innovation

4G LTE Filter

ANTOP was the first antenna manufacturer to include a built in 4G LTE filter. This filter will block all 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones, tablets, wireless
networks or mobile phone transmitters to ensure your noise-free digital TV reception.

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