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ANTOP Antenna has lead the global change in design, engineering, and manufacturing of TV antennas. ANTOP delivers powerful digital signal and quality reception for the world to watch TV without cables or contracts. Established in 1980, ANTOP has become one of the largest manufacturers of digital indoor & outdoor TV antennas and offers solutions for home, RV, and marine. ANTOP Antennas extensive suite of products result from a firm commitment and strong capacity for research & development. From initial conceptual design to final product, the ANTOP international team controls all the variables in the development process cycle to ensure the highest quality products.

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ANTOP’s indoor antennas are creatively designed, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable to match any home interior décor. They are quick and easy to install and feature the latest technology to make antennas that not only provide you with crystal clear HDTV reception but that look cool, too.

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ANTOP’s outdoor antenna models feature slim compact designs and utilize innovative weather-resistant materials. Our outdoor models feature the latest in antenna technology and are engineered for easy installation, making them ideal to the do-it-yourself crowd.
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The ANTOP suite of antenna products is a result of a firm commitment to research and development of new technologies. With a strong capacity in design and research and development, consumers can expect to see ANTOP produce the best antenna products. Innovation leads ANTOP’s future development. A host of dedicated ANTOP product engineers enables the company to quickly respond to changing technologies and consumer needs. From initial concepts to final testing, the ANTOP Team controls all the variables in the development process cycle to ensure consumers receive the highest quality products.
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Use this program to check for the Digital TV signals that are available at your location.
Signal strength calculations are based on the traditional TV reception model assuming an outdoor antenna 30 feet above ground level. Indoor reception may vary significantly.

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Still paying for cable?
Are you still paying monthly for cable or satellite service? No way! You’ll be amazed by the amount of FREE programming options available over the air. Using an ANTOP Antenna gives you High Definition FREE TV service. More channels are available, and the major television networks have increased and continue to expand their channel lists, broadcasting far more new content. By using an ANTOP Antenna, there are no monthly contracts, no monthly bills, and continual service through interruptions such as storms or maintenance. The free TV signals never end. Free is good. Cut the cord, enjoy FREE TV with ANTOP.
Innovation & Quality

ANTOP was the first antenna manufacturer to include a built in 4G LTE filter. This filter will block all 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones, tablets, wireless networks or mobile phone transmitters to ensure your noise-free digital TV reception.

ANTOP combines aesthetically pleasing product designs suitable to match a wide range of home décor styles and the latest technology to make antennas that not only provide you with crystal clear HDTV reception but that look good, too. Offered by ANTOP, the inline Smart Pass Amplifier’s all-in-one design, allows you an easier connection and more possibilities in different receiving ranges. You don’t have to hesitate any more on deciding between a short range and long range antenna! ANTOP’s Smart Pass Amplifier delivers the correct range for you.

Each ANTOP product is supported by a dedicated team of product engineers. From initial concepts to final testing, the ANTOP international (US/China/Europe) engineering team controls all the variables in the development process cycle to ensure you receive the highest quality products. In an environmentally friendly, state-of -the-art manufacturing environment ANTOP production specialists strictly adhere to ISO Quality Control Systems and honor CE, GS, RoHS, R&TTE, FCC and UL certificates, which ensures that the product you purchase will perform as expected.

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Send us a question or comment, and an ANTOP support member will respond promptly. If you need immediate help, call us at (909) 947-8883 and speak with a USA direct ANTOP support member.

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