Antop AT-405BV “Mini Tower” Flat-Panel Smartpass Amplified Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna, Black Color


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• Smartpass amplified high gain indoor/outdoor antenna
• 70 to 80 miles signal range
• Multi-directional reception pattern
• Built-in 4G/LTE Filter for interference free
• Extendable Enhancer Rods to strengthen VHF reception
• Whole-house solution: Can feed multiple TVs
• UV coating, weather resistant finish

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    The ANTOP AT-405BV comes in three distinct color options and it’s contemporary design make it easy to blend into your home’s interior or exterior. The Multi-directional reception pattern and weather-resistant UV coated finish allow you to mount your new antenna in various locations around the outside of your home: roof, balcony or pole. Your antenna is also suitable for indoor use and can be installed in the attic, placed on a tabletop, or mounted in the living room.
    The AT-405BV antenna supports uncompressed 4K and HD broadcast TV. Your new antenna is compatible with all digital TVs and TV converter boxes.
    All Antop Antennas are ATSC compliant and always come with zero subscription fees. It’s as simple as plugging the antenna into your TV and performing a channel scan in every direction in order to enjoy a lifetime of streaming free local channels straight to your home.
    Netflix subscription required
    ANTOP’s New Generation Digital Technology
    • Smartpass Amplifier, exclusive ANTOP technology, uses an all-in-one design allowing easier connection while delivering the correct balance between short and long range reception.
    4G LTE Filter: built into all ANTOP amplified antennas, blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital reception.
    High Gain: Antop’s patented reception technology.
    Supports: VHF & UHF digital signals.
    • Redefined with the perfect combination of classic Yagi antenna engineering and new generation digital technology for clearer and consistent TV reception.
    • Antop’s exclusive Smartpass Amplifier technology, offers two-level signal power options by switching ON or OFF for a wide coverage of different signal strength levels up to 80 miles range from broadcast point.
    • The built-in 4G LTE Filter blocks unwanted 3G, 4G wireless signal to ensure noise-free digital TV reception for less picture pixilation in metropolitan areas.
    • Engineered with new extendable VHF rods to enhance signal frequency range. The rods can extend out to 15 inches and rotate up to 90° in order to strengthen VHF reception and ensure the fewest blind spots possible.
    • The simple set-up design enables you to quickly install and easily connect your antenna within minutes. The compact size allows you to add the antenna to almost any part of your home. Don’t forget the included stand allows you to use the unit indoors on a table or in the attic.
    • The antenna’s weather resistant UV coated exterior and internal anti-interference technology protects signal reception in order to provide clear and consistent picture even during inclement weather.
    What’s in the box
    • AT-405BV FLAT PANEL Smartpass Amplified Digital Outdoor/Indoor Antenna
    • Power Inserter with Smart Switch
    • AC/DC Power Adapter
    • Indoor Stand
    • 33ft/10m Coaxial Cable
    • Pole Mounting Kit
    • Instruction /User Manual
    • Instrucciones de Instalación en Español


    Signal Strength

    Moderate Signal Areas, Strong Signal Areas, Weak Signal Areas

    Reception Range

    70 – 80 miles

    Received Band

    HI-V, LO-V, UHF

    Frequency Range

    54-230MHz , 470-700MHz

    Reception Pattern





    Smartpass Amplified

    Product Series

    "Big Boy"


    Switch-Off: VHF 11dB, UHF 14dB; Switch-On: VHF 21dB, UHF 24dB

    Noise Figure


    Max Output level




    Working Temperature Range

    -104 to 140 ℉

    Power Supply

    DC 12V via AC/DC Power Adapte



    Enhancer VHF Rods

    Extendable from 8in to 15in with Rotating Angle up to 90°

    Cable Length





    Weight4.63 lbs
    Dimensions5.17 × 4.64 × 14.3 in