The cost of cable and satellite television is consistently on the rise.

Year after year, new contract after new contract, you’re forever locked into higher rates or hunting for a bundle package that gets you a temporary discount.

Then there are the multiple streaming services you pay for. Add all that into your monthly budget, and you’re thinking of cutting the cord as so many already have.

If you’re into bargain shopping, you probably wonder when is the best time to buy a TV antenna. Read this guide to find out when is the best time to cut the cord.

TV Antennas

The resurgence of TV antennas is real. Often thought of as a throwback, these indoor and outdoor antennas provide homes with crystal clear high definition local television channels.

Indoor antennas are easy to install and are perfect for urban areas where the signals are strong.

Attic antennas provide a stronger signal in both urban and more rural areas. These antennas require a bit more installation work but are great if you live in a city with hilly terrain. Hills and mountains can cause signal interference.

Outdoor antennas are the big ones that work best in rural areas where you may not be anywhere near a broadcast antenna.

These antenna types offer HDTV signal that is often sharper than cable or satellite thanks to less signal compression.

When to Buy TV Antennas

There is no wrong time to buy a TV antenna. Freeing yourself from a high monthly contract is always beneficial to your budget, but you need to consider a few things.

If you are in the market for an attic or other outdoor antenna that requires installation work, make sure you do it before winter.

Fall is the best time to do any outdoor installations. The summer heat loses its intensity, and after installation, you’ll be ready to curl up on the couch during the autumn.

If you want to go cable-free, make sure to get in on it before the long winter months, where you will be stuck inside watching more television.

If you are into bargain shopping, and who isn’t, be on the lookout for sales and deals. Big box electronics stores offer seasonal deals on their inventory.

Fall and winter are chock full of seasonal bargains from Labor Day blowouts to Black Friday frenzies.

Buying directly from an antenna manufacturer is also a way to save money. Antenna manufacturers are always offering various deals on their products.

Bargain Shopping

The fall is here. Football season and the new television season is upon us. Now’s the time to relax with a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or a pumpkin spice latte with crystal clear, free high definition television.

If you want to cut the cord and extend your monthly budget, now is the time. The autumn months are the time of the year for bargain shopping.

So don’t wait. Free yourself from cable or satellite today. ANTOP is here to help with the highest quality TV antennas available.

For more information on our current deals or any cord-cutting help, please contact us.


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