Antop UFO AT-414B Omni-Directional HDTV Antenna for Outdoor/Attic/RV Use, Smartpass Amplified for Clear Crystal Reception


• New Generation digital tech design: matches mechanical antennas
• UV coating, weather resistant finish
• Smartpass technology amplifies range from 0, 55 to 65 miles
• 4G LTE Filter: blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals
• Omni-directional reception for weak/moderate signal strength areas
• Easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, balcony
• Size: 15-inch diameter

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AT-414B description

Antop UFO

Omni Antenna Re-imagined
Bringing beautiful design, new digital tech and crystal-clear TV reception to your home.

Meet the Antop UFO Omni-directional Outdoor Antenna, AT-414B

The perfect combination of innovative 360-degree reception engineering and new digital technology.
Sleek and compact, keeps you connected to all the local TV content you want.
AT-414B description

Enjoy a lifetime of free HDTV family entertainment.

AT-414B description

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AT-414B description

Ture 360 Degree Reception

The UFO was re-imagined and designed for omni-directional reception up to 65 miles in diameter.
Truly covers 360 degrees. No rotating needed.
No more playing around with re-positioning the antenna to find the right signal direction.
Full channel reception and less blind spots. Perfect for Home and RV use.
AT-414B description

Smartpass Amplified

with Built-in 4G/LTE Filter

The Antop exclusive, all-in-one Smartpass Amplifier balances the range for UFO AT-414B from 0, 55, to 65 miles, and blocks unwanted 3G/4G signals for noise-free reception.
AT-414B description

Simple Set-up

The simple set-up design enables you to quickly install and easily connect within seconds. The UFO offers an installation kit for wall and pole mounting options.
AT-414B description

Durable Exterior & Weather Resistant

UV coated, weather resistant exterior design combined with anti-interference internal tech
protects signal reception to provide clear pictures and full channel capacity even during inclement weather.
AT-414B description

Always connected so you never miss the latest local news

The Antop UFO is the easiest way to get a wide range of free HDTV channels.
Plug and play. Enjoy crystal-clear TV reception.
AT-414B description


Combining style and the latest in digital antenna tech to create a crystal-clear HDTV viewing experience.
AT-414B description

Stylish Design

Antop UFO, exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. Its sleek and compact blends in well with the interior or exterior of your home.
AT-414B description

A Keeper

Engineered to pick up channels from different tower directions and powerful to feed multiple TVs throughout your home.
AT-414B package
AT-414B description
AT-414B package

Outdoor, Attic, RV, Marine

Signal Strength

Moderate Signal Areas

Received Band



Smartpass Amplified

Frequency Range

87.5-230MHz, 470-700MHz


Switch OFF: 12dB; Switch ON: 22dB

Max Output level


Noise Figure




Power Supply

DC12V via power adapter

Cable Length


Product Series


Working Temperature Range

-104 to 140 ℉

Wind Figures

6 mile/h = 0.23N ; 10 mile/h = 0.83N





Consumer Packaging
Weight 5.17 lbs
Dimensions 15.15 × 5.9 × 15.35 in
ANTOP User Manual
The trustmark icon that reveals a popup describing BV authenticity

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