Coronavirus has had tremendous impact on the world and you want to keep track. Learn how to watch COVID-19 news for free with an antenna!

Did you know that at the beginning of April 2020 there were over 7,000 new cases of COVID-19 appearing every day in the United States alone? The virus has spread at an alarming rate. So fast in fact that it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments.

Local news broadcasts are the best way to hear daily up-to-date news. However, as many are feeling the economic impact of COVID-19, they are reluctant to invest in expensive cable packages. Did you know that you can get COVID-19 news for free with an antenna?

Why not check out our in-depth guide to find out why and how.

Why Install an Antenna?

Many national broadcasters, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, also provide local newscasts. They can help you to understand the local impact of COVID-19. They will provide updates regarding school closings, postponements, and information regarding other institutions. This information is made available to most of the population of the USA.

Switching to an antenna from a cable system also makes financial sense. There is an initial outlay of cash for the purchase of the antenna. However, after this, there is no additional cost. You are free of monthly fees that you would have to pay for cable or streaming TV services. For this reason and more, many people across the US are switching to antenna usage rather than cable.

Independent of Internet or Satelite Support

The COVID-19 virus is having a profound effect on the health of people around the globe. However, its full economic impact remains to be seen. Many major companies are expecting supply chains breakdown financial loss.

In emergencies, Internet access or satellite reception can be lost. This could leave you without a reliable source of visual news.

However, because antennas do not rely on these technologies to receive a signal, you will still be able to receive news updates regardless of the level of crisis in the country.

How to Fit an Antenna

Fitting an antenna in your house is very easy. First, you should go to Antop Signal Map to find out how many free channels in your area from the signal tower nearby.

Simply plug the TV antenna cable into the coax jack at the rear of your TV. Then on your TV settings menu, select “antenna” to find over-the-air channels.

Once you have found the channels you will have unrestricted access to local updates regarding COVID-19, world news, and many other subjects.

Free COVID-19 News and Much More

Staying up-to-date with reliable COVID-19 news could actually save your life in today’s world. Learning the latest government advice regarding restrictions and available treatments is the best way to ensure that you can protect yourself and your family.

This is only one of many reasons why many people are switching from cable to antenna. Why not follow our blog to see what other benefits they have for you and your family.


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