ONTARIO, Calif. (June 4, 2018) – If dad has “had it” with rising cable TV costs, he needs to cut-the-cord and go with an ANTOP HDTV digital antenna to receive free local over-the-air uncompressed signals, from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision, and others.

As prices continue to rise on pay TV options dads everywhere are cutting-the-cord from their costly cable and satellite service providers and moving to digital antennas such as the AT-400BV “Big Boy” from ANTOP. The AT-400BV is powerful enough to feed multiple TVs in a home providing a cord-cutting solution for the entire home.

“Approximately nine of 10 U.S. households can receive free HDTV signals with the proper antenna,” said Eric Jiang, president, ANTOP Antenna. “When you do the math, we know dads and everyone else can realize savings by bundling an AT-400BV “Big Boy” or one of our other digital antennas to receive free over-the-air broadcast signals with their favorite streaming service for additional TV entertainment options.”

More and more over-the-top video services and streaming alternatives are filling the home TV entertainment space. When teamed up with a high-gain digital antenna from ANTOP, dad and the family can access free over-the-air TV broadcasts to complement their streaming options. Of course, technology will continue to play a large part in the “cut-the-cord” movement, both in terms of internet delivery and high-gain digital antenna options.

ANTOP has been manufacturing and marketing digital TV antennas for nearly 40 years and offers a full line of more than 50 different indoor and outdoor models. “Our digital antennas combine aesthetically pleasing designs suitable to match a wide range of home décor styles and the latest technology to provide a crystal-clear HDTV reception,” remarked Jiang. “Our models utilize exclusive amplifier and filter technology to provide our customers with the best viewing experience possible.”

AT-400BV “Big Boy” Features
• Multi-directional reception pattern with an amplified signal range of up to 70 miles
• VHF Enhancer Rods to strengthen VHF reception and ensuring fewer blind spots
• Exclusive Technology: Smartpass Amplified: an all-in-one design for easier connection and correct balance between short and long-range reception
• A built-in 4G LTE Filter to block 3G and 4G wireless signals
• Supports HD, 1080P, and 4K ULTRA HD TVs, compatible with digital converter boxes
• UV coated, weather resistant finish
• Power Supply: DC 12V / Size: 22 X 10 X 4.7in

Based in sunny Southern California, ANTOP is focused on providing superior customer service, while offering the best Over-The-Air TV signal reception solutions to both trade partners and consumers. As TV viewers continue to “cut-the-cord” from cable and satellite paid-services, ANTOP will continuously work to release new innovative antenna products to enhance the HDTV viewing experience. Established in 1980, ANTOP has become one of the largest designers and manufacturers of digital indoor and outdoor TV antennas. Visit antopusa.com for more information.

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