Antop Flat Panel AT-201B Indoor HDTV Antenna | Smartpass Amplified


• Stylish diamond-cut pattern, glossy piano-white finish
• Smartpass technology amplifies range up to 50 miles
• 4G LTE Filter: blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals
• Multi-directional reception for moderate signal strength areas
• Easy table-top set up
• Comapact size: 11.85 x 3.98 x .83 inch


The Antop Flat-Panel AT-201B diamond-cut design is aesthetically pleasing and suitable to match a wide range of home décor styles. Its compact size allows you to position the antenna anywhere in your home. The AT-201B supports HDTV, 1080P TV and 4K ULTRA HD and is compatible with TV converter boxes or digital TVs.

The number of TV channels and programs that you can receive for FREE depends on the amount of over-the-air broadcasters in your area. With the Antop AT-201B,there is no monthly fee and no need to subscribe. Just plug into a TV, scan the channels, then enjoy your TV shows!


smartpass amplifier1) Smartpass Amplifier, exclusive Antop technology, balances reception range.

The Smartpass Amplifier’s all-in-one design allows easier connection, delivers correct balance between short and long range reception. It must be powered in order to function. Push the smart switch On or Off and select the switching with which more channels are received.

4G LTE2) 4G LTE Filter, blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital reception.

By following the simple tips below, you can enjoy FREE TV with your Antop Antenna:

– Re-scan the channels after each switching of the Smartpass Amplifier.
– Scan channels monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed.
– Do not place or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects.
– Install the antenna as high as possible and near a window for better reception.
– Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference.
NOTE: Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal origination point, station signal strength level, building construction, antenna positioning, reflections from nearby structures and any power consumption sources. The amount of free over-the-air channels you can receive will vary by area and antenna selection, check signal availability at Antop Signalmaps.

What’s in the box

– AT-201B FLAT PANEL Smartpass Amplified Digital Indoor Antenna
– AC/DC Power Adapter
– Stand
– 10ft Coaxial Cable
– Instruction/User Manual


Indoor, Apartment, Flat, Condominium

Signal Strength

Moderate Signal Areas

Received Band



Smartpass Amplified

Reception Pattern


Frequency Range

174-230MHz, 470-700MHz


Switch OFF: 6-8dB; Switch ON: 19dB

Max Output level


Noise Figure




Power Supply

DC5V via power adapter

Cable Length


Product Series


Working Temperature Range

-68 to 140 ℉





Consumer Packaging
Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2.87 × 12.13 in
ANTOP User Manual
Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

6 reviews

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6 reviews with a 5-star rating
  1. John Peter Hackett

    Good Customer Service Saves the Day

    John Peter Hackett

    Good Customer Service Saves the Day

    I was able to talk to a representative to find out what would be the right antenna for my location and it was determined that the original antenna AT-201B that I purchased wasn’t the right antenna for my needs. Based on our discussion it was determined that in my area, an omni location antenna would be best, vs the direction antenna I had originally purchased (who knew there was a difference), and that I didn’t really need an amplification of the signal, since I was so close.

    That being said, I got a little education in how antenna work, and I was able to return the original one for the one I needed. Couldn’t be happier.

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  2. Derek Quinn

    Great Over-The-Air Amplified Television and FM Antenna

    Derek Quinn

    First unit worked so well I purchased another for a second room. Standard antenna’s I have tried receive approximately 65 local stations but this unit receives 84 with better picture stability (less “digitizing”) thanks to the boost amplifier and common signal (WiFi and Cell Phone) rejection filter. One placement works for most receivable channels, reducing antenna moving for better reception for stations with different broadcast tower locations. The enclosed channel re-scan instructions are helpful for accurate channel registration.

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  3. Malya

    They assisted me with information and advice on which antenna would work best for my area


    I called this company prior to purchasing this antenna for details on this product. They assisted me with information and advice on which antenna would work best for my area; their customer service was outstanding! I purchased the antenna and was amazed with the results! Definitely, cutting the cord to my cable provider! It was very easy to install and I was able to get 150+ channels, much better than other antennas I have used. I am very pleased with the reception,very clear picture, no static, great variety of channels to choose from and best of all…no monthly fee!

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  4. Michael Abreu

    Goodbye cable bill!

    Michael Abreu

    My family finally terminated our cable contract a few weeks ago. I just finished installing this antenna and I am absolutely shocked with how well it works. I have gone through several antennas before this one. Two of them were well over $100 and they were HUGE!!! This one is smaller than a satellite dish and blows the other antennas away. With the other antennas I tried I never got over 22 channels. With a pair of rabbit ears I was getting 14 channels. With this antenna I am receiving well over 36 HD channels. This antenna is the real deal!

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  5. Stephan

    Great HDTV Antenna (but always do your homework)


    Before I review this Atenna I want to clarify a few details.

    There’s always a few details or information you need in order to choose the right Atenna for you.

    I just recently purchased 2 HDTV’s and did extensive research on both, and wisely used the 30 day return policy to determine which TV was right for me.

    Why does this matter? Well the first TV didn’t come with a digital converter box/tuner, and that would mean in order for you to catch over the air signals, you would also need to purchase a separate device to make this Atenna work. This is an important step if you are cutting the “cord” to paid programming.

    Also knowing your area and how far you are from the major networks broadcast Antennas is helpful too. If you live far away, near mountains, or rural areas, if you are around a lot of tall buildings, all these may play into if you need a powered antenna or roof Antenna.

    So with that said your experiences my vary.

    I live in Los Angeles where location isn’t too much of an issue and The HDTV I ended up keeping does have a tunner with it. So, this indoor antenna was the right choice for me.


    The package is nice and isn’t much larger than the overall device. The box comes decorated with a lot of information which is nice because what’s inside is quite minimalistic in its operational information and materials.

    No worries as this is a pretty brainless set up.

    The unit itself is nice looking and has a diamond like cut to its front facing surface. It has a hard plastic slick smooth feel to it and isn’t flimsy like some of the Antennas that you nail to a wall or ceiling. It’s seems pretty durable as well so I am not worried of it breaking or being damaged if it takes a small spill.

    It comes with an easy to install stand that can be removed. One thing I wish they thought of was to include and hook or adhesive backing to hang or attached to a wall in the case that you find a good reception point for the antenna, but adhesive 3M tape could do the job if you need that. The unit is light enough to stick just about anywhere, yet this antenna is specifically made to stand on a hard flat surface so keep that in mind if you are looking for an antenna to hang or conceal. I didn’t see a black option for this Antenna which initially concerned me as my all my Electronics are black, but quickly after that, I realized that this antenna will not be near the electronics, but rather farther away near white walls and ceiling’s. Although, the white is more of a snow white and didn’t seem to match my walls but I can’t put any blame to the manufacturer for that, I mean really how many variations of white are there? LOL

    As I stated before, the materials are light in information, yet it is simple to install.

    Since this is a powered antenna, there are three connections you need to make.
    1) Connect power to wall socket.
    2) Connect power cord to antenna unit
    3) Connect Antenna to Tv.

    That’s it. Most Modern TVs will scan for channels once you have the proper input on and select scan for channels now that the antenna is connected. See pics.

    At first, I was concerned. My TV had found 106 channels, yet some of the major ones came in clear, but would cut out periodically. After messing around with the antenna I found a good spot and all channel seem to come in really well. Yet I would still get these glitches.

    I open the box and read the small little information pamphlet that it came with and I realized that the power cable that goes to the antenna has a switch on it and a LED Light. Strangely, a Green light means that the antenna’s power is off and is receiving normal reception, while a red LED light signifies that the power reception is on. You would think the colors would be green for on and red for off but that’s not case and it’s the other way around.

    Once I turn this power box on, the channels had a better reception. So I can say that this antenna does pull more signal with the power box turned on as opposed to off.

    I don’t know if it’s my location, but I didn’t see a significant jump. Yet didn’t matter much as I was receiving a lot of channels and as long as the reception was good I am happy and it’s doing its job.

    I tried to check all 106 channels, but many of them were foreign channels or specialty channels which 99% of us would have no interest in unless you speak their language

    So I stuck with the regular Fox ABC NBC CBS channels.

    The main thing with these antennas are if they pull in signals (Obviously) and if it does and assuming you have a nice TV, you will get an amazing picture quality. If doesn’t pull in a strong signal then the channels will be glitching and cutting out every few seconds or minutes.

    My experience with this antenna is very positive. I’m happy with the quality of the product, and I’m happy with its performance.

    I do wish it came with more mounting options but as I said before these are easily fixed with minor DIY tinkering.

    I will list pros and cons below, but before that I will say that this antenna is a worthy purchase and if the options mentioned above seem like a right choice for you (your location, mounting, TV) then I think you’ll be happy with its performance.

    I would rate this a 4.5 if possible (removing a half point for the mounting options) but there are no half points on reviews. So I still gave it 5.

    Scale of 1-10 I’d give it a 9

    -Nice fit and Finish
    -Good performance
    -Led Indicator
    -Light an durable
    -Easy set up

    -Lack of Mounting options (stand only)
    -Personal Preference in color (white only)
    -A bit thicker than other options

    Where there you have it, I enjoyed this antenna and will be keeping it with my set up. I will say that depending on your set up, the cons may make you feel differently about this antenna than this review, but that is entirely up to you and how you prefer things to be within your own private house.

    Ultimately it performed great for me.
    AT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews picAT-201B reviews pic

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  6. Jmbsol



    I had a set of Phillips rabbit ears that worked pretty well until they got bent. I’d still lose reception on some channels during heavy rain or wind even before they bent. This is an improvement. Consistently good reception even during rain. The amplification doesn’t seem to make a difference in my situation.

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