ONTARIO, Ca (December 14, 2016) – ANTOP Antenna is inviting cord cutters, antenna buyers and industry media to visit their newly redesigned website. Key updates include improved navigation, better functionality, and a responsive web design. This redesigned site allows users to experience optimum navigation across a wider range of devices and browsers.

This redesign is part of ANTOP’s strategy to further their branding efforts and provide users with the full 101 on antennas, new technologies and cord cutting. It will also provide wholesalers with their own portal to access the information they need to better serve their customers. “I believe this new site will allow us to grow our market presence and inform both consumers and wholesalers why a TV antenna is a critical part of the cord cutting equation,” said Eric Jiang, ANTOP Antenna president.

One way ANTOP has made it even easier to determine which antenna to purchase, is the Signals Map tab. This map allows users to make both an informed decision and maximize their cord cutting capabilities. By typing in their address, customers can determine which channels they can access for free and in what direction the signals are located. This helps customers determine if they need an indoor or outdoor antenna, omni-directional or multi-directional, and what range is needed to pick up the signals from their location. For even more guidance during the selection process, visitors can check the Learn and Q&A tab. Once a decision has been made, purchases can be made directly online or at the nearest dealer.

Connecting with new customers, delivering product information, and providing tools to make antenna selection easier is only one objective of this new site. ANTOP also strives to continuously deliver the latest cord cutting, antenna tech, and TV viewing option news. By expanding their online content and providing the latest company and industry news, ANTOP’s website will become both a resource center and antenna market for customers.

Those interested in further brand communications from ANTOP Antenna can join the newsletter to get the lasts news delivered to their inbox. Plus, it is now even easier to connect on social media and press releases can be viewed directly on the site.

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