Antop UFO AT-416B Outdoor/Attic/RV HDTV Antenna | Smartpass Amplified


• New Generation digital tech design: matches mechanical antennas
• UV coating, weather resistant finish
• Smartpass technology amplifies range up to 40 miles in diameter
• 4G LTE Filter: blocks unwanted 3G and 4G signals
• Omni-directional reception for moderate signal strength areas
• Easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, balcony
• Size: 4.40-inch diameter

Product Status: New


The Antop UFO AT-416B, an omnidirectional TV antenna, designed as house TV antenna and RV TV antenna with High Gain reception and Smartpass Technology amplifies a flexible long range, from 0, 30 and 40 miles from broadcast origination source! Assuring you more channel reception and less blind spots.

The number of TV channels and programs that you can receive for FREE depends on the amount of over-the-air broadcasters in your area. With the Antop AT-416B, there is no monthly fee and no need to subscribe. Just plug to TV, scan channel, then enjoy the TV shows!

Antop’s New Generation Digital Technology

1) Smartpass Amplifier, exclusive Antop technology, balances reception range.

The Smartpass Amplifier’s all-in-one design allows easier connection, delivers correct balance between short and long range reception. It must be powered in order to function. Push the smart switch On or Off and select the switching with which more channels are received.

2) 4G LTE Filter, blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital reception.

3) High Gain reception technology, shielded for minimum interference.
4) Durable exterior, waterproof design with UV coating.
5) Supports VHF & UHF digital signals.
6) Mounting accessory options.

By following the simple tips below, you can enjoy FREE TV with your Antop Antenna:

– Re-scan the channels after each switching of the Smartpass Amplifier.
– Scan channels monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed.
– Do not place or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects.
– Install the antenna as high as possible and near a window for better reception.
– Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference.

NOTE: Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal origination point, station signal strength, antenna positioning, reflections from nearby structures and any power consumption sources. The amount of free over-the-air channels you can receive will vary by area and antenna selection, check signal availability at Antop SignalMaps.

What’s in the box

– AT-416B UFO Smartpass Amplified Digital Outdoor/ Indoor (Attic) Antenna
– AC/DC Power Adapter
– Power Inserter with Smart Switch
– Outdoor Bracket
– Mast Clamp Kits
– 16’ Coaxial Cable
– Instruction/User Manual


Outdoor, Attic, RV, Marine

Signal Strength

Moderate Signal Areas

Received Band



Smartpass Amplified

Frequency Range

87.5-230MHz, 470-700MHz


Switch OFF: 9dB; Switch ON: 19dB

Max Output level


Noise Figure




Power Supply

DC12V via power adapter

Cable Length


Product Series


Working Temperature Range

-104 to 140 ℉

Product Status


Wind Figures

6 mile/h = 0.15N ; 10 mile/h = 0.54N





Consumer Packaging
Weight 2.20 lbs
Dimensions 6.69 × 5.12 × 9.25 in
ANTOP User Manual
Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

4 reviews

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What others are saying
  1. Pat Costa


    Pat Costa

    Is this antenna directional? Is there a front and back?

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    • Anamarie


      This antenna is an Omni Directional and will give you a 360 degree range. Keep in mind, although the range is 65 mile, it is in diameter.

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  2. Michael B.

    Great antenna 75 mostly clear channels.

    Michael B.

    This antenna really works great. At first I was going to return it thinking it’s no good, I had a flat panel indoor antenna that picked up a lot more channels at first although not very strong signals. I found out through experience that with strong signal comes great tv viewing. Let me say I am new to this type of tv viewing. And I like it. So back to this antenna. When I first hooked it up I wasn’t impressed with it. I said it deserves a little more effort on my part to see it something is causing poor reception. So I’m thinking most of my stations are to the south and my antenna is facing to the north. Also my roof pitch is higher to the south. So I decided to raise the antenna 3 feet and then somewhat point it in the direction where I thought the towers were to the south and Bam. 75 mostly 5×5 signal strength Channels were found. It’s such a pleasure watching tv when it clear and audio is perfect. I haven’t even fine tuned this antenna. I have a signal strength meter on order when it comes in I will fine tune this antenna at a later date an who knows how many channels I will get. This is amazing how much free tv this antenna gets. This antenna may or may not give you the same results but make sure you at least try different arrangements for this antenna before you consider it junk in a review. It just might not be the right antenna for your situation, I was actually going to order another antenna until I experimented a little bit and now I am 100% happy with this one.

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  3. Jonathan

    Nice product for the money


    I mounted the antenna in our attic and was able to go from 4 channels with a window antenna to 26 with this one. I now receive all of my locals (which was the goal). By looking at the map the range is impacted by line of sight issues (mountains), but this is to be expected. I don’t think the next model up (AT-414b) would have actually worked any better. I am happy with the purchase. The install can be as simple or difficult as you make it.
    AT-416B reviews pic

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  4. Steve

    Small and works well


    I got sick of the thin window antennas in our house and mounted this antenna up on my chimney. The old antennas needed to be in the perfect spot and were an eye sore. This new antenna is great. I live less than 10 miles from a major metropolitan area and reception is perfect, without turning the amplifier on. I love that this antenna is small.

    It feels like it weighs less than a pound and I secured it to my chimney with Tapcon anchors. I then wired it to my living room and basement TVs. I didn’t even have to reset the channels, it just worked.

    Of note, whether you turn the amplifier on or not, it must be plugged in. I found this out after installation.
    AT-416B reviews picAT-416B reviews pic

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