ONTARIO, Ca (Feb. 6, 2018) – Recognized as a manufacturer of one of the best products at CES 2018, ANTOP continues to make an impact on consumers by introducing innovative digital antenna options to “cut-the-cord” from expensive pay TV, while more sales partners join ANTOP in providing consumers with a wide range of cost-efficient indoor and outdoor antenna options to enjoy free over-the-air broadcast TV.
ANTOP’s AT-122B World Map Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna was selected as a CES 2018 Twice Picks award winner as one of the show’s products that rises above and highlights the best the tech sector has to offer to improve lives, entertain us and increase our knowledge and our productivity.
The World Map Antenna was also recognized as an IMPACT Award winner, as was ANTOP’s AT-401BV “Big Boy” Outdoor Antenna. The IMPACT Awards recognize products in the consumer electronics industry that are impactful not only from a technology standpoint but that matter to retailers as well. IMPACT Awards products are innovative, help drive sales at retail, and give consumers a reason to visit a retail showroom.
“We’re very pleased with the industry recognition we’ve received, “said Eric Jiang, president of ANTOP Antenna Inc. “With a full line of outdoor and indoor over-the-air digital antenna models, ANTOP has a free TV solution for just about every household in America.”
Cutting-the-Cord with an ANTOP Antenna
As nine of 10 U.S. homes can receive free local broadcast TV, consumer electronics retailers have recognized the importance of having a dedicated O-T-A antenna partner. In 2017 ANTOP’s sales partners grew to include D&H Distributing, Fry’s Electronics, Home Shopping Network, Ingram/ATO, Petra Industries, Stampede Presentation Products, TDL Canada, TeleDynamics, and Wintec Industries. On the e-comm side, ANTOP products can now be found on sales portals such as Amazon, Homedepot.com, and Walmart.com, as well as on AntopUSA.com.
ANTOP manufactures an entire line of indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, making for an attractive antenna partner for consumer electronics distributors and retailers. Distributors and retailers are finding ANTOP antennas as the perfect “added value” item to bundle with their current media streaming device products and services.
ANTOP’s antennas combine design and the latest in digital antenna technology to provide a crystal-clear HDTV reception. All models support HD, 1080P, and 4K ULTRA HD TVs and are converter box compatible. Reception distances vary by model, begin at 40 miles and continuing up to 80 miles, while coverage pattern options are either omni or multi-directional.
Based in sunny Southern California, ANTOP is focused on providing superior customer service, while offering the best Over-The-Air TV signal reception solutions to both trade partners and consumers. As TV viewers continue to “cut-the-cord” from cable and satellite paid-services, ANTOP will continuously work to release new innovative antenna products to enhance the HDTV viewing experience.About ANTOP:
Established in 1980, ANTOP has become one of the largest designers and manufacturers of digital indoor and outdoor TV antennas. Focused on providing superior customer service and offering the best Over-The-Air Free TV signal reception solutions for consumer Home, Recreational Vehicle, and Marine antenna use. Visit antopusa.com for more information.Contact:
Jaime Leon
Marketing Director

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