ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna

ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna
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ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna

ANTOP Flat Panel HDTV Outdoor Antenna


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Product Info


Range: 55-mile from point of signal origination

Power Supply: Not Necessary

Reception Pattern: Omni-directional

Polarization: Horizontal

Color: White

Size: 12.76x11.42x1.02 in

Coaxial Cable: 16 ft Integrated 

Technical Specification



  • Enjoy TV shows without subscription and monthly fee.
  • Receives free broadcast High Definition Over-the-Air TV signals such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and others.
  • Compatible with TV converter boxes or digital TVs.
  • Engineered and designed in the USA by ANTOP, the antenna specialists.
  • Features a 55-mile reception range from point of signal origination.
  • Its UV coating, weather resistant finish and compact design make the AT-413 perfect for easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, balcony. The AT-413 can even be installed in an attic. In addition to home use the Omni-directional signal reception makes the UFOs perfect for mobile homes and RV usage.


The ANTOP Flat-Panel AT-413 slim-panel design is aesthetically pleasing and suitable to match a wide range of home exterior styles. The Omni-directional reception and UV coating and weather resistant finish, allows you to install your AT-413 antenna in various locations around the exterior of your home: wall, roof, balcony. It can even be installed in an attic, or RV. The AT-413 supports HDTV, 1080P TV and 4K ULTRA HD.

ANTOP’s New Generation Digital Technology

1) High Gain reception technology, shielded for minimum interference.
2) Durable exterior, waterproof design with UV coating.
3) Supports VHF & UHF digital signals.
4) Mounting accessory options.

By following the simple tips below, you can enjoy FREE TV with your ANTOP Antenna:

- Scan channel monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed.
- Do not put or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects.
- Install the antenna as high as possible and near the window for better reception.
- Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference, such as air-condition, power station, elevator etc.
NOTE: Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal origination point, station signal strength, antenna positioning, reflections from nearby structures and any power consumption sources. The amount of free over-the-air channels you can receive will vary by area and antenna selection, check signal availability at

What’s in the box

- AT-413 FLAT PANEL Digital Outdoor/Indoor (Attic) Antenna
- 16’ Coaxial Cable
- Wall/Pole Mounting Bracket
- Pole Clamp
- Instruction/User Manual

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Amazon Don 29/08/16 06:30 AM (GMT)
Review Title:
Doesn't Work as Advertised at a high price point

  • Overall Review:
  • As MUCH as I wanted to write a positive review on this product, as I am an avid Amazon Customer and Reviewer, I must leave the following:

    I cut the cord several months ago. A few weeks ago, wanting to watch the Olympics, my wife heard from her Dr. we could watch it by getting an HD Antenna and watching it on NBC network. I looked on-line to see what stations/channels were/are available to my area which was acceptable. To REALLY try it out and see what I could get, I purchased an Amazon Basics 35 mile indoor HD Antenna for under twenty dollars. My Prime membership helped get it to me in 2 days. Upon receipt, I immediately set it up and received 15 channels. Obviously some were stronger then others. I had two weak ones that showed pixels, depending upon how the antenna was positioned, however, all 15 did come in. Yeah !!!.. we could and did watch the Olympics. Now that they are over and I learned how well an HD antenna works in my area, I decided to try to feed my whole house via the external house Coax box where the Cable company used to feed us. I connected the Amazon Basics 35 Mile antenna up temporarily and it worked well on all of my TV's in the house. I THEN decided to get a better HD antenna that could be installed indoor (my attic) or outdoor (for less obstructed reception) and a longer range (to possibly improve a weak channel or two).

    FAST FORWARD to researching and finding this ANTOP HD Flat Panel 55 Mile antenna. I LIKED its design and its potential. However, with only 1 review, I was a bit hesitant to "try it". However, I have had very GOOD experiences with everything I have purchased from Amazon, so I said, "what the heck" and bought it.

    As stated, I REALLY wanted this to work for me, but this is what happened and this is why I am providing my HONEST FEEDBACK.

    I put this antenna in the same place and position I have the current Amazon Basics 35 Mile indoor antenna (temporarily in my garage with its lead running outside to the junction box) I ran this lead the same way to the junction box, again, with the ANTOP antenna right next to the Amazon Basics. I disconnected the Basics, connected this ANTOP and did the set up on one TV. This ANTOP did not even PICK UP the two weak channels AT ALL. I checked some of my other sets with the same results. This was disappointing due to the range ratings of the two antennas. I thought for sure the ANTOP with its 55 mile Range Rating would produce better results, or even the same or maybe slightly better...

    I am a technically astute individual so I also realize results can vary by antenna positioning etc. so I took the ANTOP outside (where I was thinking of possibly mounting it) and got the same results in several positions). It short, for the price (nearly three times that of the Amazon basics) and the Range rating, it did not perform. As I stated, I REALLY LIKED the design and potential from the on-line write up and the box, but none of that brings in HD Channels.

    Being a maintenance professional for many years, I also noted the following once the product was actually in my hands. Based on experience with many types of products that are made of plastic, it is my observation (and opinion) that this may not hold up over time. First it is unbelievable light! At least make the plastic a bit heavier for durability OR to make the consumer think he is "Getting Something" for their money". I believe the weak point in the design is where the mount attaches to the panel with a wing nut. I would fear a few years of sun and a strong gust of wind would snap it at this point. hence, while I initially thought about an outside mount for my needs, after seeing it, touching it etc., I re-considered it been an attic mount (if it at least performed the same as the indoor Amazon Basics).

    Sorry ANTOP, I was hoping for more at this price point and range rating, but being the second reviewer, I feel I must share my honest experience and results seeing I had something to compare it with (especially since I initially only bought bought the cheaper indoor antenna JUST to TEST my overall reception..)

    I am giving TWO stars for overall design and packaging...

    I boxed it all back up and returned. Perhaps I received a bad one.... This is hard to tell unless you can compare as I was able to.
  • So, the antenna did work? I have researched your location and have found that this antenna is not suitable for your location. That at your location, you would have to move the antenna around to receive certain signals with this antenna. Your signals are scattered all around you.
    If you would like some help in finding a suitable antenna, please give us a call. We would like to help you. We are available M-F from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (PST). Give us a call @ (909)947-8883 or email us directly. Our direct contact information is on our website:
    Thank you for taking the time to share your Antop experience.
    The Antop Support Team
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M. Wilson 15/08/16 10:42 AM (GMT)
Review Title:
More than worth the money

  • Overall Review:
  • I installed this on the side of a vacation house that had towers 16 miles away in one direction (LOS), and 30 miles in the opposite direction. I scanned and got 22 channels even though about half were in the opposite direction and came in perfectly. Signal is strong enough for 2 tv's, but will be soon be splitting to 4 (after I ditch the cable). I'll review the splitter/amplifier after if it's needed.
  • Thank you for sharing your Antop experience with us.
    The Antop Support Team
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Additional Information

Is Hot Product No
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Amplification Non-amplified
Reception Pattern Omni-directional
Distance to transmitter 55 mile
Frequency Range 87.5-230MHz, 470-700MHz
Gain 10dB
Output Level No
Noise Figure No
Impedance 75Ω
Power Supply Not Necessary
Cable Length 16ft
Color Warm White
Size 12.76x11.42x1.02in
Free Shipping Yes